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Algocian | Artemis - 1
artemis 1

Make every camera in the world smart

Algocian provides state-of-the-art video analytics for security and automotive applications

State of the art image recognition technology

Algocian’s algorithms leverage hundreds of millions of image and video data points to delived 8x better automated detection than industry leaders.

True AI driven person detection

Algocian uses proprietary machine learning algorithms which learn from existing visual data, creating a highly accurate and scalable solution.

Intelligent meta-tagging

Intelligently determining what’s of interest in a scene, our system dramatically improves end-user experience while opening up avenues for future product evolution.

Algocian | Artemis - 1
artemis 1

Intelligent image recognition in the wild

Key Features  Deployment Options

Plug & play

Artemis 1 works out of the box with any camera feed, digital or analog, in any environment

Accurate and robust

Artemis 1 detects people regardless of camera positioning and environmental conditions, whether indoor or outdoor. This trumps system based on motion detection.

Tiny computation footprint

Algocian’s detection algorithms leverage state-of-the-art machine learning to optimally perform with a minimum of computation resources.

Next generation features

Artemis 1 enables you to include intrusion detection, smart cameras, and 24/7 tagging of video timelines for your end users.

Significant bandwidth savings

Algocian’s detection system reduces bandwidth costs for providers, increasing profitability

Conventional motion detection

A conventional motion detection driven system is unable to discriminate content and context and will capture and retain an excess of false positive clips.

Video timeline: Motion detection




 Bandwidth usage (% of total video recorded)

Total alarms

Algocian’s intelligent people detection

Artemis 1 only captures what you’re interested in, videos with people present, and reduces bandwidth usage.

Video timeline: Person detection via Artemis-1




Bandwidth usage (% of total video recorded)

Total alarms
Fewer False Alarms

Fewer false alarms means optimal usage of bandwidth and computational resources, that ultimately translates into increased scalability and positive customer experience.

Algocian | Artemis - 1

The future of automatic person detection in the smart home

Artemis 1 provides fast, reliable detection, designed for the internet of things

artemis 1 in two flavours

Cloud deployment   Embedded technology

Solutions from the Cloud

Access our technology as a cloud-based service – processing and meta-tagging occurs in real-time on our servers

Faster than real-time analysis

Artemis 1’s tiny computation footprint enables image tagging faster than real-time. Your 30 second motion clips will be processed in under 5 seconds.

Scalable architecture

Artemis 1 is available as a cloud deployment than can scale to handle millions of camera feeds across multiple regions.

Simple API

Artemis 1 is designed to be easy to integrate into existing pipelines. A simple API will allow you to upload clips and retrieve metadata in minutes.

Hardware embedded solutions

Install Artemis 1 on ARM embedded systems

ARM platforms

Process streams locally on camera or hub endpoints. Artemis 1 will soon be available on NXP’s i.MX platforms.

Real-time analysis

Artemis 1 will run in real-time on a range of ARM platforms to allow you to also save on both outbound and inbound bandwidth.